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The Stock

First Stocking

The first stocking of fish is In, consisting of exactly 60 Carp ranging from 20-31lbs. We will give them this year to settle in and get their heads down to feed on a diet recommended by top fish farmers and biologists, this is so they put some good weight on ready for the first fisherman to come and fish this beautiful lake when it is ready to reopen in 2017. The next stocking will be made in the winter of 2016/17 of approximately 80-100 fish consisting of 60 fish in the 30-40lb range and 20 fish 40+ with the aim of having two to three fish over the fifty pound mark. In 2017 we will be carrying out some test catches and allowing a few weeks fishing so we can get an idea of how the fish are doing and get some good photos as well.

We will also be giving away some holidays at the shows so keep an eye out and be one of the first to catch these newly stocked fish. Our bailiffs are at hand as little or as often as you require, but it is in everyone’s interest that he keeps a record on the number of fish caught and sizes, so all catch logs and photos would be most helpful. Thank you.

If you want to be one of the first few to fish for these newly stocked fish, contact us now and put your name down on the shortlist.